帝国海軍戦艦・戦艦伊勢型「伊勢」昭和18年(1/700 フジミ)
IJN battleship Ise class Ise (Fujimi)


学研 歴史群像太平洋戦史シリーズ26「伊勢型戦艦」

光人社 写真 日本の軍艦 「戦艦2」(模型写真集)

ダイヤモンド社 呉市海事博物館図録 日本海軍艦艇写真集「戦艦」

図書出版社 木俣滋朗「日本空母戦史」

Gakken history of pacificwar seris 26"Battleship ise class"
Kojinsha photograph of IJN vessels
Daiamond sha/ Kures naval museum "pictures of IJN vessels Battleship"
Toshoshuppansha Shigero Kimata "History of IJN aircraft carrier".


This kit is based on kit from fujimi.
Exhibit condition of 1943 , just after completion to aircraft battleship.



Most known difference between Ise and Hyuga is on aft mast. the top mast of Ise is located on the front, and Hyuga has it on the front.
On the bridgestructure,there are more diffrence.
Most atractive difference is roop antenna position.
Ise has machinegun deck on the back of battle bridge and on roof of conpas deck (later, in 1943, hyuga also got machineguns on same place).
Thre is room and piller between conpas deck and battle deck (Hyuga).


Degaussing cable must have been installed in 1941, but it is not seen on picture. maybe she had installed it in inside of ship.


Model 22 rader was not yet installed in 1943.
Small targetting and gun control unit are add reffer to book from Gakken.
On the front of the birdge, there seems to be passive rader unit.



Aft mast is made of both brass lines and photo-etched parts from fujimi.


Reffer to piture taken after war, sueface of aircraft deck was covered by concrete.



 彗星当初は水冷エンジンの21型を搭載する予定でしたが、実際は空冷の33型を搭載したようです(木俣滋朗「日本空母戦史」670ページには 「カタパルトでも射出可能なように改造された21型」とありますが)。
 実際は機体トラブルもあり機材も揃わず、それでも6月23日(マリアナ沖海戦当日)初めて射出訓練が行われ、25日には瀬戸内海で彗星・瑞雲10機の連続射出訓練が 行われた、と軍艦伊勢出版委員会刊「軍艦伊勢」下巻にあります。7月と8月にはそれぞれ全機射出訓練が行われました。
 しかし、昭和19年のフィリピン戦が開始されると653空は 母艦から切り離され、彗星隊は台湾へ、瑞雲隊はフィリピン・キャビテ軍港近くの水上機基地へと送られ、以降「伊勢」「日向」はカタパルトを撤去され、以後艦載機を搭載することはありませんでした。

 Aircraft of ise/ unit 634
After the battle of Midway, the loss of 4 aircraft carrier was great shock for the IJN, and that made them to remodel this old fashon battleship to "aircraft carrier battleship".
Flight unit 634 was founded as a part of 4th fleet aircraft division. On the first stage, Ise and Hyuga was designed to carry both Zuiun and Suisei,
Ise was designed to carry 8 suisei and 14 zuiun, and Hyuga had 14 zuiun and 8 suisei (actualy, they never got chance to carry this number).
On the book of Shigeo kimata, Ise and hyuga carried enforced model 21 suisei, but she seems to have carried model 33, with aircooled engine.
On may 1944,Ise, Hyuga and the unit 634 was signed on 4th fleet ,under control of admiral Jisaburo Ozawa.
Top of 4th fleet air comand was vice admiral Chiaki Matsuda, Teamreader of 634 unit was Takahisa Amatani (chusa,kaihei 51, known bomber pilot),Hikocho was Hiou Emura (shosa, kaihei57,later became aircomand). Mr Emura was the person who designed aircraft battleship together with Mitsuo Fuchida (chusa) during Yokosuka institute of battle tactic.
Unit 111 began training on 1f, but lack of both aircraft and pilots were serious, and they succeed to obtain designed number on june 1944.
Suisei unit trained mainly on Iwakuni, and Zuiun unit was mainly on Kure.
On 23thJune 1944, Ise and Hyuga got first chance to launch aircraft .
On 25th, during the training sail on Setonaikai,launched 10 zuiun and suisei in safe. But they could not join on A-go misson.
On the October 1944, unit 634 was separated from the fleet, suisei,s unit was moved to Taiwan with commander Amatani, and Zuiun,s unit was ordered to move to philipine floatplane base in Cabite with Emura. Result, 95% crrew died.
Since then, Ise and Hyuga got no chance to carry aircraft again.