帝国海軍戦艦・戦艦「長門」昭和19年(1/700 フジミ))
IJN battleship Nagato class Nagato 1944(Fujimi)



光人社 写真 日本の軍艦 「戦艦2」(模型写真集)

ダイヤモンド社 呉市海事博物館図録 日本海軍艦艇写真集「戦艦」

モデルアート 「スーパーイラストレーション2 日本海軍戦艦長門」

"Blueprints of IJN Vessels"
Kojinsha photograph of IJN vessels
Daiamond sha/ Kures naval museum "pictures of IJN vessels Battleship"
Toshoshuppansha Shigero Kimata "History of IJN aircraft carrier".

 昭和19年の状態を再現いたしましたが、フジミの純正エッチングセットはあくまで1942年までの状態を再現することを想定にしているので、1944年6月以降の対空兵装の充実した 状態にするには、資料を見ながら取捨選択を行う必要があります。

This kit is based on kit from Fujimi.
This model exhibits Nagato on October 1944.
As photo-etched parts of Fujimi is made to build on condition till 1942, if one would build condition in 1944, one had to confirm refferences to make sure.



Differnces between Nagato and Mutsu are:
Front of bridge:Nagato has 2 round windows and having narrow side window. Mutsu has 4 round windows, and wide side windows.
Shape of the top deck structure back
Yard of Nagato`s bridge is has a weak angle, but Mutsu`s back yard is horizontal.
There is cover on Mutsu,s watch deck on front of bridge.
Nagato`s compass bridge has a step around the small searchlights.
Bullwarks in front of AA guns are different.
Shape of aft bridge structure
Ventilators on the deck are placed on different spots.
Rails of aircraft flight deck are different.
Support of bow flag pole , Mutsu has support on front, Nagato has it on back.
And so on.






 機銃配置は、「写真 日本の軍艦」の添付図面を参考にしましたが、終戦後の写真が最も確実かつ克明に記録されています。

After the balle of Mariana,IJN installed many anti aircraft weapons on the svessels. T
hough many ships had removed needless things such as sub guns, Nagato kept her own guns till 1945.it is confirmed by a picture taken on Brunei, 25th October.
Additional weapons were mainly 25mm machineguns. They were installed on the deck and on the roof of 2nd and 3rd mainguns.
Triple 25mm machinegun on the flag deck can be cofirmed by damage report photo taken just after the battle of Philipine.
Rader equipments were also add. Some documents suggests that almost all vessel ad add depthcharges , but position and numbers are unknown.
On the kit from Fujimimi, there is a degaussing cable on the side of ship.but Aoshima,s kit has nothing. If one wants to add it, he may need photo-etched parts or 0.3mm plastic lod.
Main guns are made of brass parts from clipper model.
Sub gun barrels are from Aber.
12.7mm twin AA guns and 25mm machineguns are made of delicate plastic parts from Finemold. <
Rader equipments>
The model21 rader on the top of bridge is made of photo etched parts.
Model 13 rader is made of parts from Joeworld.


This time , I tried to use resin parts of capstans, ventilators.
Targetting device, remort controller are made of photo etched parts.
Anchor chains are replaced to real chains.
Anchor itself are made of plastic parts from Finemold.


On October 1944, Nagato had carried at least 2 type0 observation planes.
Catapult is made of photo etched parts from joe-world.
Rails on the aircraft deck is also from Joe-world.